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  • About SpaceChem

    Released in spring 2011, SpaceChem was Zachtronics' first commercial game. Their existing fanbase, and the game's critical reception, made the challenging puzzle game a success. The difficulty level bends players' brains as much as the players bend chemicals. With programming-style solution design, lead designer Zach Barth figured the game had something to offer the educational world. But did he?

    About Zach Barth

    Zach Barth is a game designer and developer from Redmond, Washington. He began releasing games in 2008, offering several free games on his website. These included Ruckingenur II and Infiniminer (the game that heavily inspired Minecraft). Along with SpaceChem, Zach has produced and released six other games, including Shenzhen I/O, Infinifactory, and Opus Magnum. His latest project is Exapunks.

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